About Me.

Hey entrepreneur, I’m Ronit and I’d like to tell you a bit about myself and how I got to where I am today. I grew up in Israel, serving in the IDF (Israeli Defense Force) and cultivating my love for fresh Mediterranean cuisine. While working as a stewardess on El Al Airlines, I met my lovely husband, Bill, in Los Angeles. One crazy year later and we were married and living in New York City.

I’ve always been an entrepreneur at heart. In those early years in America, I ran several catering businesses, drawing from my love for food. But it was in the hair industry that I ultimately found my creative calling. I started Maxime Salon in the South Shore of Massachusetts, which I founded and grew into a six-figure enterprise over a decade of fun, learning, and lots of passion.

I quickly learned that running a small business is a full time job, as in you are never off the clock. Raising two beautiful children, finding that balance between life and work was more important than ever. So I set to work streamlining every aspect of the business to be as efficient as possible, allowing me the free time that many small business owners struggle to achieve.

Educating my employees was a major part of how I ran the Salon. Now, my passion for education has moved from the salon to helping other small business owners achieve the success and freedom we all strive for. I guide my clients through a discovery process that converts ambiguity into a crystallized focus and action plan that elevates their brand and delivers on customer expectations. But most of all, I teach my clients how to grow their business while creating a more balanced and financially independent lifestyle.

So how about it? Let’s get to work and start living a balanced, healthy life.

My faves

The 3 things in life I couldn't live without!



Riding my bike is my favorite. Feeling the wind flow through your hair is unbeatable.



I love, LOVE food. And just to clarify - I love cooking it just as much as I love eating it 😉



My family is #1. Life is an amazing journey, and sharing it with your loved ones is the best way to experience it.

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