Are You Ready for a Change?

Are you transitioning or want to pivot out from where you are now?

After being apart for a year, I sat down with my friend, Shannon the other day in a Tosca. We shared everything from hair stories to life stories and challenges. She has built a great career for herself and is doing very well. Her two small children and husband complete her beautiful family. Her passion for wine led her to study wine, and she loved it so much that she decided to transition from her career into this new industry that she’s so passionate about. She turned in her notice and decided to take the summer off to search for, and work towards, her new career, all while allowing herself to be available to raise her children.

After taking a few months off to explore this new frontier, her fear of not succeeding led her back to her old career. That’s the normal reaction that happens when your feet and brain play tricks on you. Those old habits started creeping up on her, and after years of being in those old work habits, she found herself back in that old career. Of course her old leadership team was happy to have her back, but she knew she was compromising – not winning. Even though she loved her position and the responsibility it gave her, she was no longer inspired. She knew she needed a change.

Now, years later, Shannon has decided to give it another try and turned in her notice again.

It’s always hard to make a decision like that. These big decisions can be very scary and overwhelming, especially when you’re successful and feel you have nothing to really complain about. Decisions like this can affect you for a long time – even a lifetime.

If you start by making small changes towards the big change, it changes your rhythm and puts you closer to your beliefs. It puts you closer to what you crave and your subconscious mind will push you towards it.

I am proud of Shannon. I know what it takes to pivot in another direction before taking the big plunge.

If you are out there and this is talking to you, I encourage you not to wait a lifetime to make a move. Here a few tips to create the change you need or to help you pivot:

Malcolm X said “Productivity is the time that you get to do what you want”.


You can’t know what you want if you don’t have the time to think about it. You need to really spend time and exercise your mind – visualize your WANTS and DREAM. The first thing you need to do is clear your mind and get real clarity – step out of the day to day grit and fog that builds up.

How can you do that?

Schedule a day where you can spend a few hours with no interruptions. Make this a consistent day in your schedule – maybe Tuesday or Wednesday works best for you. Make sure you have no distractions – no phone, tv, etc. Just you.

Sometimes you have to end a chapter in order to write a new one. If you can afford to do that, then take the leap and do it. If you need to plan ahead and save money to allow you to have that freedom, that’s great too.

If neither of these options are available to you, then I suggest you join the 4:30am Club. In those 3 hours every morning, it’s nothing but you. It’s almost the equivalent of having a day off. If you start to make it a daily ritual, you earn 2.5 extra days every week! This is definitely a life changing practice. Besides, where else are you going to get those extra days?

My alarm goes off at 4:30 every morning.
I cuddle with my dog for 10 minutes.
I get up, switch rooms, and do 10 pushups to get my blood flowing to wake me up.
Then I have my morning water/lemon drink.
I will meditate for 15-20 minutes and then enjoy my coffee.
While I love reading the world news, I only read the headlines, and never for more than 5 minutes.
I write in my journal and daily productivity journal.
It’s now close to 6am, so I will either go to yoga or write,study, plan or work on my career or business until 8am.
I will not open emails or social media until 10am and then I won’t look at them again until 1pm and 5pm.

This is the first step to clearing your mind. You have to do it for 30 days consistently in order to make it a habit and get the most out of it. Come join me for the 30 Day Challenge of Clearing Your Mind to Reset Your Intentions.

Next on your journey to finding your next chapter, you will find out what you want to do. Here is a great book to help you center yourself and exercise this method. For me, and other like minded people, books help very much.

Jenny Blake’s book Pivot shows you how to buckle down and focus on what is already working for you and how to apply it to your next career move.

Tim Ferriss and his book The 4 Hour Work Week, offers a complete A-Z approach to find out what’s your next calling. It’s worth a read – Time has a great way of telling stories.

If you have had a career for many years or if you’re a stay at home mom that feels like this year has defined who you are, these two books are such a great help.

Once you find your direction, you might need to rewrite your resume. Resumes today are a very important tool, so here are Resume Writing Tips courtesy of Jacqui Barret-Poindexter of


Let’s start here. Let me help get you to the next phase.


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