The Anti-Aging Life

The big economic crash of 2008 opened the doors to a new generation of independent thinkers.  While some people lost their jobs and were forced to move to different departments, the crash gave birth to innovators, thinkers, and DIYers.

Transitioning to a new career or a new lifestyles requires a lot of focus, innovative thinking, and well thought out action plans.

While a workplace transition to a new position doesn’t seem very entrepreneurial – the career mapping or branding is the same in both cases. I challenge you to look at this change as if you were building your own startup company or a small business that needs to grow to the next level. These moves or changes require innovative thinking, self branding, and time management.

Generation X (1961-1981) was the last generation to work endless hours and not have much in terms of lifestyle. Their mission was to work as many hours as they could to bring in the “dough”. However, today’s generations Y and M have a totally different way of thinking. Not only do we not work as many hours, we don’t want to do it. We want to see value in our life. We want the time we spend in our workplace to be equal to the time we spend in our personal lives.

I call this the Anti-Aging Life. If we want to be successful in our workplace, our new careers – if we want to own our business instead of being a slave to it – we must change our thinking. We have to shift our mindsets and be productive with our time.

Tim Ferris, in his book The 4 Hour Work Week explains how we can be time efficient and how to prioritize our time. He explains the benefits of knowing what we want most in our lifestyle is the key to prioritizing. In the process of reacting and responding to everything around us, most of us lose our self and our identity. There is a method to finding yourself again and branding yourself, your career, your business, without becoming a slave to it.

Jenny Blake, in her best seller book PIVOT, explains how to pivot your career. You have to Think, Plan, Experience, and then decide on your next milestone. You decide on that next move and then you navigate it and pilot your model before you launch it.

Both authors suggest that in order to sustain any lifestyle, we have to find the happiness in our lives. Living and maintaining a happy lifestyle has everything to do with reacting, planning, and strategically knowing what makes you happy.

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